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About Us

The vision of our technology is to provide "Energy for Everyone" using the endless energy from the sun. Our products are designed to last long and serve a variety of purposes, which is the brand name "SURYA USHMA PVT LTD" This provokes the obvious question -

How does our technology impact people and businesses? Pearl Enterprises is companycomprising of dedicated technical people engaged in the solar energy field for more than a decade and a half. the company's core strength lies in making need-based quality products and providing prompt after-sales service. SURYA USHMA PVT LTD has unmatched experience and an incredible track record in providing grid-based solar power solutions in India.

SURYA USHMA PVT LTD is a fully vertically integrated solar solution provider. SURYA USHMA PVT LTD provides the utmost in quality, assurance, and reliability, both today and over the long term. SURYA USHMA PVT LTD has set the highest standard with respect to module warranties. Our customers have been able to rely upon us for year's module warranty, which still remains the longest in the industry.

SURYA USHMA PVT LTD , New Delhi is the ultimate result of dedication synergy of innovative ideas and commitment to a quantity by it's founder proprietor Mr.Rakesh Limaye coming from village with solar background. Founded in 2014 and having committed technical people, it has grown rapidly over the last five years with a diversified product range having entire and dedicated focus on Solar Energy based products .

The company is known for innovation and lead by a team of dedicated people with committed service. The State of the Art facilities at SURYA USHMA PVT LTD make it a successful organization in the corporate industry. The company is lead by a team of experienced professionals in solar field.